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Information at Your Fingertips (in Oxfordshire)

Following my recent discovery of the work of DuruflĂ©, I took the opportunity to visit Oxford Central Library where, as hoped, I was able to find a copy of the score. I was not familiar with how the choral music was arranged (it turns out that, after identifying the right section of shelf, it is alphatbetically sorted by composer) so I looked up the shelf mark on one of the computers in the library and, in the process of trying to get from the start screen to the catalogue, I spotted a link to the library’s online reference section.

I had seen this before but what caught my attention was the name Naxos, a leader in publishing recordings of classical music. It turns out that, with my library card ID, I can browse the Naxos site and freely stream from their back catalogue. The only problem is that I haven’t yet figured out how I can scrobble my explorations but I can explore round the composer’s other works and also other requiems.

Thumbs up to the library service for a fantastic resource.

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