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Bottling the Summer Mild

I did manage to get the “Summer Mild” bottled yesterday afternoon, which filled twenty Grolsch bottles (with spring-capped lids). Each of those holds about 450ml so I got the 9 litres I was aiming for and, with the equipment I have available, it hits the sweet spot of about as much yield as I can get from my current set up to give a decent return on the effort involved. It is also enough to enjoy if the recipe turns out well and not to much to endure if it results in a sub-par brew.

For carbonation, I used the online calculator provided by the Knights of the Mashing Fork, which has the advantage of a wide range of input and output units. I decided to aim for a CO2 volume of 1.5, about average for an English Mild style brew, and the calculator suggested 24g sucrose (standard granulated sugar). I used 25g which I mixed into the beer in the sanitised plastic jerry can that I used as an intermediate receptacle after racking the brew off the trub (dead yeast at the bottom of the fermenting vat).

Now comes the waiting; it will be late September before I can start to sample the results. Oh, and for reference, the final gravity reading of the mix going into the bottle was about 1.012 at 23°C, just a touch higher than my earlier reading but with the bounds of adding a little extra sugar and reading error. I will probably do another reading when I finally open the brew and that will help me estimate the Alcohol by Volume (ABV) of the result.

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