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It’s a Monster!

A WordPress question I still haven’t been able to find a decent answer to is how to keep the backend database, particularly the wp_postmeta table, under control. It currently weights in at 150MB and growing; tiny compared to modern storage solutions but big enough to make backups onerous and to potentially create problems if I ever need to call on one of them to do a restore (I have to work via a web interface and I think there is a limit to the maximum file size that can be uploaded to drop into place).

I know I’ve been writing 2-3 paragraphs a day almost without fail for the best part of a decade but, even with a little mark-up for formatting, it shouldn’t take that amount of space. In fact, the wp_posts table is only about 6.5MB in size; the meta table is full of things like timestamps for when a post was locked for editing (surely not relevant to keep once editing has passed, especially since I am on the only user on the system so there is little danger of conflicting edits in the first place).

There are plugins to opimize the database but I’m running one and it only claws back a few kilobytes each time. Ah, well. Further reading is called for!

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