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Responsible and Ready

Most mornings recently I have been using a “daily office” as part of spending some time with God. The Church of England provides a helpful online version with morning, evening and night services in both contemporary and traditional language. It is designed as a service, with a group of participants in mind, and reading it through with all the parts feels a bit artificial, so I tend to adapt it. I often use the opening to prepare myself, read the psalms (and the responsive prayers that are tagged to each one) and then provide my own readings before skipping down to the prayer section.

This morning, as I reached the intercessions and pondered the instruction to pray for “the day and its tasks” the following response came to mind:

Help me, Lord
To be responsible in my duties
And ready for your opportunities

A bit generic? Often I have more specific things to pray for but, today, have the pleasure of a blank slate (albeit with plenty of things clamouring to make their mark!). The road lies open before me and I am ready to travel on it.

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