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Walking the Labyrinth

I visited Dorchester Abbey earlier today and took the opportunity to walk the labyrinth they have inscribed on the floor in the south aisle. It is just chalked on the floor but, even in its simplicity, provides a wonderful pilgrimage.

A labyrinth, in this sense, isn’t a maze. Instead, you follow a single line to the centre, pause a while and then retrace your steps out. At any point you could simply take a few paces and walk out of the pattern but, in following this simple line, you find a physical embodiment of prayer, walking towards a place to commune with God, speaking with him even on the journey in, and then, after resting in his presence, retracing the journey out to continue that God-directed trajectory in the world.

Hmmnn…. I wonder if I could construct a mini-labyrinth somewhere at home?

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