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7Days1 Mad Axeman

Over the past few years I have participated in the Flickr group 7Days a number of times. One self portrait a day… but only for a week so, while definitely a chance to develop photographic skills, nowhere near as demanding as the vaunted heights of a 365 project. The owners of the group have now decided that it is time to draw to a close and that is perhaps not a bad thing. When I joined it was a smallish group of friends, friends of friends and some random connections made via Flickr (I was in the latter group); now there are almost 300 members in the group and it can take a while to look through everyone else’s contributions.

I will be participating for the last time this week. In order to make the time to take the photos, I’ll cut down on blogging, so click on the pictures to read the associated commentary on Flickr. Here is the first:

Wulf holding an axe and looking slightly scary

Mad Axeman


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