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Ready for the Desktop

It was probably a decade or more ago that the big debate among penguinistas (Linux aficionados) was “is Linux ready for the desktop?” I think the answer is, and has been for some time, a decided yes. My main machine at the moment is a laptop running Windows 7, because I need access to the environment many of my colleagues are working under, but the wonders of virtualisation mean that most of the time I am using the virtual Xubuntu machine I host on it.

Recently I snagged a new monitor, which is larger, shinier and allows the screen to be rotated 90°. Disappointingly though, I found that I had to use quite a low resolution otherwise I ended up with large black borders. Therefore I was delighted to discover that, in instructing the Linux virtual machine to fill the available space, it magically went all the way up to the bevel of the screen. I’ve no idea how it does that and perhaps I am missing a trick under Windows but, if I had to reduce myself to one operating system (rather than the choice of Windows, Mac and Linux that I enjoy now) I have no doubt that the penguin would win.

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