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Clearing Out the Earworms

The panto bass playing went well, so that is the first of my Christmas musical opportunities successfully completed. The next one is playing bass for the Rock Nativity in Blackbird Leys later this week, where it is looking like the band will be bass, guitar and keys although less rehearsed than might be ideal. Tickets for that are available on the Church of the Holy Family website; it should be fairly polished by the later performances although I anticipate a degree of freshness to the earlier ones!

First though, I’ve got to try and get the panto songs out of my head. Life’s a happy song but not when that track w0n’t stop playing round in my mind! I’ll probably have the same problem with the next set of songs although at least there I’ve got the familiar carols of the candlelit service at St Clement’s to act as an antidote!

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