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If I Told You…

I think I must have rushed putting my security details in when logging into my bank account this morning because, suddenly I was on three strikes and out. I confess this engendered a sense of rising dread – not only the worry that something worse might be afoot but also because I remembered previous calls to a security team at a (different) bank which required having all sorts of information at your finger tips. I pulled together what I thought might needed and picked up the phone (having visited the bank site via another browser windows to confirm that the number they gave me to call was the one I should expect).

I have to say that the process was much smoother than I expected and the result was also quick; I was able to login to my account and verify it had worked even before I finished speaking the second advisor (the first passed the baton part way through; a procedure to avoid any one person getting all the entry keys).

So, it turned out to be not to bad at all. I’d like to sing the praises of the redacted 😉 Bank but that might be a security breach in itself and, if I told you, I’d have to kill you. Still, given their low social credit, I thought was at least worth noting that I had a phone call to one which turned out to be pleasantly and professionally handled.

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