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Judging a Journey

We’ve had a couple of long journeys this week, down to Devon and back. I anticipated that the journey down on Monday would be arduous. It wasn’t the easiest trip we’ve ever had, with heavy rain and gusting wind most of the way down but we made it and, on checking the clock, it wasn’t a much longer time than it normally takes.

On the other hand, the weather was much better today for the return leg but, despite no reported road problems when I checked before setting out we managed to get caught in two hold ups caused by accidents on the road. The first was turning onto the M5 at the Tiverton junction, which didn’t take as long as we feared to get through. Alas, we then took a break at Taunton Deane services and, shortly after rejoining the motorway, found ourselves with another long wait. Had we pressed on a bit further, we might have missed the second one entirely. Of course, we might also have ended up being entirely close for comfort to the heart of the action.

One thing is for sure; you need to allow plenty of leeway when planning a journey.

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