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You Can Tell I’ve Been Busy

You can tell that I have been busy because I failed to blog on a couple of days last week. In fairness, this probably doesn’t leave the world significantly poorer just as well as I have another couple of hectic weeks coming up before the hope of a pre-Christmas lull.

This week I am particularly focused on preparing to handle a couple of dep slots at a pantomime in Wolvercote next Saturday. I’ll attend a rehearsal this afternoon to listen in. Hopefully it will click as I’m then playing for a dress rehearsal on Tuesday and up for the Saturday matinee and evening shows. I’m also thinking about a Rock Nativity being staged in Blackbird Leys the following week. There is a distinct possibility that might turn out to be solo bass supporting the whole ensemble and I’m also stepping in as late cover on this one.

Throw in various roles at church and the minor detail of the day job (which includes a ukulele gig with some colleagues on Tuesday lunchtime) and I might slacken off on the blogging a bit more over the next couple of weeks. Happy Advent!

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