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Places to Go in Stafford

I had a few days near Stafford this past week and, fitting in round my train times, had some time to occupy myself in town. The station is only a few minutes walk from the centre, so I was able to have a good nose round the core of the place and here are the highlights I found.

During daylight hours, you get to the centre from the station by crossing Victoria Park which, it turns out, has a small municipal aviary. Java Sparrows were not what I was expecting to encounter in Stafford! I also enjoyed the art gallery off market square, which feeds into some other places of interest, including a court room populated with 3D cardboard figures (used for education purposes but reminding me of episodes of Rumpole) and the library.

I also enjoyed a couple of decent meals, at the PostHouse and the Bear Grill. Fish and chips and mushy peas in the first and a stilton topped burger in the second. In both, the food was good, the prices reasonable and the service excellent.

So, if I find myself in Stafford again, I have a shortlist of places to visit and places to eat.

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