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Sinking Feeling

England doesn’t feel as wet as it did a few weeks ago. We have had several outbreaks of what I believe is called sunshine and both old rivers and new lakes (the latter formerly known as roads, fields and allotments) are not so high any more. We can breathe a sigh of relief and have another cup of tea.

However, as described in a recent New Scientist article, the UK must abandon or adapt in face of floods. While we are probably past the worst floods for this winter and there is no certainty that similar conditions will return next year it does appear highly likely that areas that were submerged will face the same again in future. While there will be other pressing issues on the authorities, I hope they have the wisdom to do what is necessary to ensure that, given a similar level of rain, we have engineered our occupation of the landscape to reduce the misery that has been caused.

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