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Worn Out

Not me but my Bass Pod XT unit, which I would formerly have described as trusty. For a year or so it had a missing line of pixels on the display and then, at a rehearsal last week, it started acting very oddly so I took it out of the loop and plugged directly into the amp. The next day I could start it up but not control it, even to use as a tuner.

This did mean a couple of my other pedals got an outing on Sunday (hurrah for my DL-6 and SansAmp Bass Driver DI) but I decided that I did need a few more tools in the box, not least a tuner and the ability to mute the signal before unplugging my bass. It turns out that the Bass Pod is now a discontinued item and, although the issue might just be down to the power supply, it is unusual enough that I couldn’t easily track down a known good one to test with.

The long and the short of it is that, thanks to an incredibly speedy delivery from Music Gear (via Amazon) I was able to start playing around with my new Zoom B3 this evening. It will take a little more work to build a collection of suitable patches but I’m impressed so far – a sturdy construction, relatively intuitive interface and even a looper and drum machine built in.