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Back from the gig

No, it didn’t take all that time to get back but there were a few minor details like the working day to prevent me jumping onto my blog too early.

Jane and I had mixed feelings about the gig. Excellent music and performances from Anne Janelle and James Hill, along with a clear sound. It would just have been nice to be able to see a bit more of them. The Jam Factory is a cool little venue but they could do with investing in a little bit of staging (oh, and warning you of the price of a bottle of beer before popping the top – I had very little change from a fiver after a small bottle of their admittedly delicious Innes and Gun oak-smoked IPA).

James deserved the applause he got for standing up for a couple of songs and Anne took a stand on the piece where she just sang rather than also playing the cello. On balance, I don’t regret going – the joy of their cover of Billie Jean, largely powered by playing most of the parts on a single ukulele, was probably worth the price of admission – but it is the kind of experience that makes you wonder if perhaps it would have been better to just buy a couple of albums and have the pleasure of listening to them as many times as desired from a comfy chair.

The live music scene is vital but I wonder if some of the venues could do with putting a bit more thought into how they lay things out.

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