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Pottering Around

The first day of British Summer Time has delightfully coincided with some very pleasant weather so I’ve been able to have dinner and then go out and potter for an hour or so and, even now that I’m inside and cleaned up, it is still quite light outside.

It’s just as well though, as the fact that days are longer than nights (not linked to the clock change but the equinox a week or so ago, where day and night cross the tipping point and the former starts to outlast the latter) further accelerates the growth of plants even beyond the recent spurt and, if the weather continues to be decent, there will be a lot of activity to stay on top of in the garden.

Today my main task was potting up the broad beans that I started off in mid-March. These have done very well – out of twelve beans I planted across three pots, all but one are growing strongly. The last one had got going but the shoot tip hadn’t quite managed to find the surface. The next few days will be critical to see if it has enough stored energy to put out some leaves and start photosynthesising its own supplies but, even without that, I should have a decent harvest. I might start a second batch though, to spread the season and improve the overall chances; I might even manage to finish another packet of seeds, which would be helpful as my stash could do with running down a bit!

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