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Wulf, drinking from a mug

A Hand with Eye, Tea

It has taken me longer than I wanted to get ready for the talk I am giving at work tomorrow, with the punch title, “Don’t Lose IT”, and the less punch subtitle, “data protection and information security for research”. However, I am not a neophyte on the speaking game and so allowed longer still to make the preparations.

I think all is now in place, hopefully with the balance struck between decoration and purpose, fact and story, all salted with a sprinkling of atrocious puns such as the image shown here. I know there are two hands and two eyes shown but, if you are going to be a stickler it was also a mug of coffee. That would just make for a picture though, rather than an image to drive a point home with the anticipated audience groan.

By the way, it is a public seminar: details on the Oxford Talks website if it sounds like something you might fancy.

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