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This Month’s Set

For my own future reference, I probably should make a note of what I played at last night’s session at Frankie’s.

Accompanying Andrew, we tore through a couple of the tunes we’ll be playing with the ukulele club on Saturday night at another performance: Star of the County Down and The Irish Rover. Later on, I did a solo set and offered up a rather botched version of My Funny Valentine (I obviously didn’t have the chords as properly down as I thought so a few came out rather “free jazz” styley when I also added an audience and singing the tune into the mix), Spencer the Rover (sung unaccompanied after the precaution of checking that no-one in the room knew the tune it should have been sung to) and Rocket Man (vocal and uke again).

Next month’s outing will be on 10 April but I’ve got a musical weekend looming more immediately – a jazz gig tonight, the uke gig tomorrow and then attending someone else’s ukulele gig on Sunday evening (oh… and playing bass with the youth band at church in the morning).

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