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April Shilling in the Bottle

I’m very hopeful for the results from my April Shilling brew. Not only did I hit the target OG (original gravity) of 1.040 but checks on Friday and Saturday showed that it had reached the target FG (final gravity) of 1.008 and so I bottled it yesterday afternoon. In theory, that should give an ABV of 4.2%. To carbonate, I used 30g granulated sugar dissolved in some boiling water. I mixed that with the beer I had racked out of my two fermenters before bottling and it should give a nominal 2.2 volumes of CO2.

The yeast (Nottingham) did an excellent job, although I think bundling up underneath blankets and using a brew belt on a timer to keep the temperature around 20-22°C probably helped it. Now the waiting begins; bottled in mid-April so I’m probably looking at the end of May to start drinking it. I did pick up another bag of pale malt though so I’ll get the next batch (recipe to be decided) underway before long.

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