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Facebook Almost Unusable

There are sceptics who would argue that I am just being slow to catch on with this claim but Facebook seems to have become moderately widely used. What I’ve noticed in the past week or so though is that, when I try to post something, it often causes my browser to freeze. There appears to be some kind of issue in the attempted cleverness of suggesting people or things I might be writing about and everything locks up.

I’m surprised it hasn’t been commented on by others and there still seems to be plenty of traffic on the site. Perhaps it is my browser (Firefox) or something else about my computer? For now, if I want to participate, I have to remember to type up my words elsewhere and paste them in. In any case, my main contribution is still links to my blog posts, picked up via my twitter stream; in other words, I’m already tending to use Facebook at arm’s length.

What I’d really love to know is what the next “Facebook” will be? I’m sure it is out there as an idea and quite possibly as a functioning communications tool that hasn’t yet begun to be picked up. Zuckerberg’s empire is still massive but such things pass all too quickly in Internet time!

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