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Looking Down on the Herb Hexagon – Spring 2014

I might as well complete the series. Over the past few years I have been taking photos of our gardens from three upstairs windows, allowing us to watch their development over time. The patch by the washing line we call our “Herb Hexagon” because of the hexagonal paving slab set in the ground. To be honest, “hexagon” is stretching it as a description of the overall area but it is full of herbs:

Looking down on the herb hexagon

Herb Hexagon – 26 March 2014

Here is the photo from Wednesday morning:

Looking down on the herb hexagon

Herb Hexagon – 9 April 2014

The biggest change is those pear trees by the front of the polytunnel. Both are blossoming profusely and putting on some growth, although it might be a few years yet before we manage to get the archway effect we intend!

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