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Failed Courage and Summer Flowers

I appear to have achieved a first in my home-brewing career and come up with something that is undrinkable. Perhaps that is not quite true, as some of my early attempts while at university were less than brilliant but I was too poor and inexperienced to be particularly discerning (I was in “I’ve brewed it, so I’m going to drink it” phase). However, while my Easter Courage brew has a good colour, decent carbonation and forms a good foamy head, those flavours from the unpleasant end of “fruity” are dominant and, as I expected, this lot is duff. The first glass went down the sink while the rest will probably be used for slug traps.

I’m not going to give up though and I’m back in the saddle today with another go at my most successful brew so far, the Flowers IPA clone I cooked up under the moniker February Flowers. The recipe is the same as the one I used then (scaled to 1kg of pale malt from Graham Wheeler’s Brew Your Own British Real Ale) although with a pinch of Irish Moss rather than trying to weigh out 3g and 4g of Savinjski Goldings as my aroma hop rather than the 2.11g that the more exact scaling would have me aim for. I’ve also done this one with the full volume of water (11 litres) rather than, as in the first recipe, mashing with a reduced liquor and then sparging up before boil.

It is now at the boiling stage. I’ll then transfer to my plastic jerry can and leave to cool before putting in the fermenter this evening or sometime tomorrow.

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