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Water in the Timing Loop

Normally my timing is very good when it comes to co-ordinating cycling into work and incipient precipitation. There are days when it has rained, is raining and will continue to rain, for which waterproofs are the answer but I tend to dodge the short, sharp showers.

Not this morning though. It was already set to be a precarious journey, with the Zoom B3 wrapped up and held under one arm for a stop at the Post Office, but it was spitting by the time I’d reached the end of the road and raining properly by the time I had got too far to turn back. Nevermind: I made it, a little bit damp but both cyclist and parcel were safe.

It was sunny by the time I got out of the Post Office but c’est la vie! This did mean I had the opportunity to observe that my polarising glasses are affected by drops of water. When I wiped them off at the office, the raindrops appeared to persist until I realised that they had been temporarily photographed onto the surface by the bright light.

With open eyes, the world is full of wonderful things!

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