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Delivery Saver

Having started the year with a couple of months avoiding supermarkets, we’ve gone rather the other way recently. We’ve signed up with Tesco’s Delivery Saver plan; for £30 for the year, we can have as many midweek (Tuesday – Thursday) deliveries as we want, as long as each order comes to at least £25.

I do need to look at the figures soon and see if it is saving money. The hope is that, by not spending very much time trawling the physical aisles of a supermarket, it is easier to focus on what we need rather than too often succumbing to the temptation of all the special offers or off-list treats. It certainly isn’t difficult to exceed the spending threshold, even though we seem to be ordering most weeks.

It definitely saves time, although I also like the fact that I can put in an order early to reserve a preferred slot and then jiggle it around up to the evening before. Typically I’ll start with one or two big ticket items to hit £25, fill in with cheaper essentials and then edit down on the luxuries if required. It is certainly much easier to see what the bill will be with it automatically totted up as you go along. The process of finding things is also improving as I get the hang of the search tools and also exploit the automatic list of “favourites”. On balance, it seems to be working pretty well

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