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A few months ago I had a preliminary discussion with a colleague about putting together some web pages for the group she works with. The trouble was that it took a few days for her to get the material together with her colleagues and, by the time it started coming in, I was caught up in an ongoing stream of other projects. The result was a collection of emails sinking down in my inbox and nagging away at me. Just before I went on holiday last week I had a brainwave about how to get things resolved and it all worked out very well.

The idea my grey cells came up with was to take my laptop and go and work for a few hours in the office of the team in question. Not only would that focus my mind on the task but it also meant they would be on hand to answer any questions that arose as I knuckled down to turning their information into a set of pages. I’m pleased to say that it worked very well. This morning I have a few final things to tie together that require me being back at my regular centre of operations before I can release them but I am much further on than I would have been trying to make sense of it somewhere else. As a further benefit, I also know some of the people involved in that group better than I did as well.

Thumbs up for working in situ. I wonder what else I could tidy up this way?

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