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Playing By (Blocked) Ear

I will be heartily glad when I get my blocked ear sorted out on Tuesday; I was on music duty at both the morning and evening services today and it certainly creates some additional challenges.

In the morning I was on bass. It isn’t the first time I’ve played a gig without being able to hear too well but normally that is to be blamed on loud volumes and inadequate monitor mixes. Quarter of a century of bass playing stood me in fairly good stead except for the song where I forgot to plug my bass back in before starting! I normally unplug between sets of songs to avoid running the battery down and I think I must have been relying on knowing what my playing would sound like. The first few bars went okay but I felt it didn’t have much oomph and then I spotted the dangling lead! Nobody mentioned it but it is definitely a sign that not all is right.

For the evening service I was playing ukulele and singing. I hope everyone else was singing enough not to hear my too clearly, especially as I wasn’t overly familiar with some of the hymns used. Thank heavens for having a keyboard player to back me up!

I can manage to busk through but it definitely reduced the pleasure of playing, so roll on the syringe!

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