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A hat tip to Paul Moore for pointing me in the direction of dygraphs. This is a Javascript library that facilitates creating interactive graphs from sets of data. Thinking back to my A Level maths, I suspect the name comes from δy (delta y), since these graphs all show the change in value y over the time-scale laid out along the x axis.

What do I want it for? Having discovered that, given a better soldering iron I can work together simple circuits that work, I’ve been tracking the temperature of my Summer Flowers homebrew over the weekend. Logging the data was well within my Python skills but dygraphs has provided the special sauce to turn a page of numbers into more readable graph, a project I’ve christened my thermonitor.

I need to do some more tweaks before it is quite ready to present (such as a more robust methodology on start up rather than just assuming that the sensor is attached and working) but it has certainly saved time not having to write the graphing engine from scratch.

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