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Thursday 31 July 2014
by Wulf
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Scorched Earth

Was Oxfordshire Artweeks in late May? I really should get my photos of my contributions to the St Clement’s exhibition published. This one is called Holocaust and was partly inspired by leaving a much loved chopping board on a hot … Continue reading

Tuesday 29 July 2014
by Wulf
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Eagles Soar

Visiting our friend Daniel on Sunday afternoon, we joined him on the community allotment he helps organise. Joining his diverse team, there was a bit of digging, a fair amount of watering, harvesting and lots of drinking tea; a lovely … Continue reading

Saturday 26 July 2014
by Wulf
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Is scrumping an appropriate colloquial verb to apply to wood? Cycling to work this week, I’ve noticed a branch bent low over the footpath beside the ring road cycle path that I use. Since nothing has been done to remove … Continue reading

Friday 25 July 2014
by Wulf
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Cytisus ‘Moyclare Pink’

I’m still well behind on getting my photos published. Here is one from May this year, which went up yesterday; a beautiful cloud of pink Cytisus flowers from a bush seen at RHS Rosemoor in Devon.

Thursday 24 July 2014
by Wulf
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The Last One

Why is it that the last screw never goes cleanly into the wall (or, more accurately, that the drill waits until the last one to hit an obstacle it can’t clear)? We put the second curtain pole up in our … Continue reading