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Eagles Soar

Visiting our friend Daniel on Sunday afternoon, we joined him on the community allotment he helps organise. Joining his diverse team, there was a bit of digging, a fair amount of watering, harvesting and lots of drinking tea; a lovely way to spend the time. The most unexpected event was a twister further across the allotments, which lifted a green plastic sack up into the air.

It must have been quite stiff because it held its shape and, like a kite without a string floated up. And up. And up and up and up until it was a tiny dot disappearing in the distance. Amazing and, given that the allotment is almost on the main inbound flight path for Heathrow (jumbo jets landing every three minutes or so), just a little scary.

It reminded me of that disreputable proverb: eagles soar but rats don’t get sucked into jet engines!

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