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Today has been an excellent day and part of a very full weekend. However, I hope the bride and groom we’ve just been celebrating with will understand if I pick out a different incident to note as a highlight. After all, one can tread thin ice if one starts talking with two many superlatives about a wedding (especially with words like “best”) although it was an excellent one and I hope both a happy and strong foundation.

Fresh in my mind though was the incident of not running over a hedgehog on the streets near where we live on the way home. I was sure I’d seen signs of them in the area but here we both had incontrovertible proof of their presence. I managed to persuade Jane that hedgehog-napping probably wasn’t a sound piece of ecosystem husbandry but, if any local hedgehogs are reading this, you’d be very welcome to visit our garden, particularly the compost heap at the front where you’ll find plenty of tasty gastropods!

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