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Sunday 24 August 2014
by Wulf
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Plan B

I had planned to provide the music for this morning’s service at St Clement’s on double bass, accompanying the angelic voice of my friend, Clare. Unfortunately I got an apologetic text early in the morning to let me know that … Continue reading

Saturday 23 August 2014
by Wulf
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Tyger Bread

I decided to get creative with the loaf I made yesterday. Once I had shaped it, I made a mix of rye flour and water with a little sugar and yeast. Just before popping the loaf in the oven, I … Continue reading

Friday 22 August 2014
by Wulf
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Ukes Out

Another minor outing for the uke group tonight, playing at a party hosted by the daughter of one of our members. There wasn’t a large audience – in fact we had the garden almost to ourselves – but it is … Continue reading

Thursday 21 August 2014
by Wulf
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Fire in the Hole

With the weather turning just a bit chillier, we couldn’t resist having a small log fire tonight. Some paper, card, kindling and sticks, along with a couple of smallish logs seem to have been enough for a decent blaze so … Continue reading

Tuesday 19 August 2014
by Wulf
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Home Grown Salad

Tonight we enjoyed an almost entirely homegrown salad: tomatoes, cucumber and basil. We didn’t grow the olives that produced the oil, the pepper plants that produced the peppercorns or produce our own salt or capers but I can claim the … Continue reading

Monday 18 August 2014
by Wulf
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Most prodigious harvest of the year award in my garden looks like it is going to be awarded to the cucumbers in the polytunnel. Other potential contenders, like the tomatoes (just getting into their stride but they would have to … Continue reading