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Bottled It

Tiny Tim is now safely in the bottle. It was a short length brew and I only got 8 bottles but I hope they will be good ones. Next time I do the recipe I will have to consider either scaling up all the ingredients for a bit or just adding a bit more water. I did start with a slightly higher gravity than I expected from the recipe although the yeast efficiently chomped it all the way down to 1.009, only a single point higher than expected (and, given the difficulties of reading the hydrometer accurately, I could be a point or two out either way).

I measured about 4.5l once it was racked out of the fermentor so plugged that into an online calculator, which suggested about 20g of sugar. I do like the drink to have a reasonable head so I went for 25 g, which is still safely less than the 1 tsp per bottle that many use as a rule of thumb.

Now it is just the waiting game and, given that it probably won’t last too long once ready, probably the considering what the next brew is game to boot.

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