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We’ve been out at a 70’s themed birthday party tonight with a particular focus on the works of Abba, so out came the frilly yellow shirt and blue velvet jacket. Both genuinely date back to the 1970s and the combined colours give a subtle nod to the Swedish flag. I’m not sure anyone would have got the Abba reference from that but then not many people probably noticed the olive green trousers under the disco lights so I’ll call that even.

As well as the disco, which actually had some classic rock tracks alongside the period cheese, there was a karaoke set up, so to help things along I decided to chip in. I quite fancied Fly Me to the Moon but Jane pointed out that it wasn’t quite the right mood. There were plenty of other songs I recognised but I was not sure whether they’d be in a key I could reach and I’m often a bit shaky on what goes on in the verses but then I noticed Sweet Home Alabama. Right era and I think my voice can do a reasonable dose of Southern Rock.

Of course, after belting it out, I might sound a bit husky at church tomorrow but I’ll probably dress in something a little less garish.

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