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Like a Lead Balloon

Once or twice colleagues have suggested that they would like some kind of regular IT clinic where they can come along and ask both specific and general questions so, this morning, my IT Officer and I sat down and brainstormed some ideas. We’ve decided on time, place and most importantly, a corny name. Since you want to ask: Where ats IT. That brings together IT, a certain confusion and, of course, it will be where it’s at!

The next step was writing a notice for the weekly departmental bulletin and, having decided that I wanted to reach out to those who are dazed and confused, couldn’t resist dropping in a number of references to Led Zeppelin’s eponymous first album as well as the phrase (used in the title here) where rock legend has it their name originated.

We’ll see how that goes down. Hopefully it will be more like how successful the band became than how early sceptics expected things to turn out (hence the lead balloon allusion). If nothing else, it should prove an interesting tool for turning up other people who like to get the Led out from time to time!

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