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Friday 31 October 2014
by Wulf
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Purple Haze

I bought some new clothes today. Granted that isn’t headline material for most people but I’ve still got some things in my wardrobe that I had as a teenager and it would be fair to say that I get my … Continue reading

Wednesday 29 October 2014
by Wulf
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Is this thing on?

My trusty old Zoom H2 recording device seems to have permanently entered that mode known as “pining for the fjords”. Over the last few months it has been a bit flaky about switching on and now it entirely refuses to … Continue reading

Friday 24 October 2014
by Wulf
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Delays in Oxxxford

I have christened my latest brew Oxxxford Beer, since it is based on Graham Wheeler’s Brew Your Own British Real Ale clone of Batemans XXXB. I haven’t tried the original but grains produce a strong and relatively dark wort that … Continue reading

Thursday 23 October 2014
by Wulf
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Building it up

Another day, another task involving wrangling a text file to extract data and another chance to wield the might hammer of Vim to crack the problem. My starting point was a database extract with two columns of related identifiers which … Continue reading