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By Chance

Quarter of a century ago I played in a number of bands with two of the three members of TV for Dogs. Hurrah for The Wagtails! Hurrah for The P’tang Yang Kipper Band! Hurrah for that unnamed line up that did a one off gig somewhere in North London!

By chance, it turns out that they’ve just released a new album called, perchance, By Chance. Not only that but, on release day (today!) there is a discount for purchasing it on their Bandcamp website (you don’t have to pay bottom dollar but you can choose an amount which is less than equivalent “commercial” release might be). It’s none too shabby. I can hear echoes of some of the music we used to play and other things that have come up in the intervening years but the album sounds fresh, the guys don’t sound old and tired and, having finished my first listen through, I’m looking forward to getting more familiar with it over the next few days.

Nice one, Neil, Paul (and Mark)!

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