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Drinking Glue

Today I’ve made some labels for some recent things we’ve made:

Labelled jars and bottles

Garden Relish and Tiny Tim

Garden Relish is a chutney Jane cooked up yesterday, mainly using produce from the garden (natch). The Tiny Tim beer is the one I finished a month or so ago. I need to make some more labels for the Autumn Gold and I also brewed up another batch this morning (now cooling before going in the fermentor tomorrow), which I’m going to call my Oxxxford Beer (based on Batemans XXXB and using another Graham Wheeler recipe).

The labels are created using Inkscape, printed on our colour laser printer and then stuck on with milk. It sounds an odd choice when there are so many glues you can buy but milk (and specifically the casein protein it contains) is a well-established method for sticking on labels. It is used in such small quanties that it doesn’t smell and makes the label easy to remove later with hot water. Best of all, it is entirely organic and you can drink the leftovers, which isn’t true of glues that are sold as such. Just damp the label, press on and use a cloth to remove any excess. Job done!

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