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Purple Haze

I bought some new clothes today. Granted that isn’t headline material for most people but I’ve still got some things in my wardrobe that I had as a teenager and it would be fair to say that I get my money’s worth out of most of my garments.

The primary motivation was to replace the trousers that malfunctioned earlier this month. A pair of jeans plugged the gap, since the only other jeans I have are are a bit short in the leg for me and probably (drum roll for another red letter moment) are in a fit state to pass onto a charity shop. However, I decided that it would be worth getting another pair of trousers as well and went hunting round Cowley for something a bit more colourful than the drab grays, browns and greens that make up the rest of my trouserage.

I hit paydirt in Matalan where I got a natty pair of purple chinos along with a flecked t-shirt and a teal hoodie. Short days, long nights and reduced serotonin making you SAD (seasonal affective disorder)? Throw open my wardrobe for a refreshing dose of colour! You won’t know whether it’s tomorrow or the end of time.

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