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T-T-Taste Test

Yesterday I compared my Tiny Tim homebrew with a bottle of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord. The two weren’t identical but both were good drinks.

I had asked Jane to not tell me which glass was which. The more persistent foam on the commercial glass gave it away but both looked identical regarding colour and clarity. My brew was actually a bit fuller tasting although that could come from having started above the target gravity for the recipe. I’m sure I’ll make this brew again and, when I do, perhaps I’ll dilute the wort down a bit if I come out over target. On the other hand, what I’m after is not a strict clone but a decent beer and I think I’ve managed that.

I also cracked open a bottle of my Autumn Gold today. This one has reached drinkable status although it won’t hurt to wait in the bottle a bit longer. I don’t know what the original is like in this case but it certainly has a golden colour and pleasantly bitter taste, dying away to a sweetness in the mouth. I’ve got an experiment in mind for my next brew but have to wait for the current one to get out of the fermentor first.

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