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Yesterday we got wind of a nearby person who wanted a couple of trees taken out of their garden so we were round there this afternoon with saws and other tools. The first tree was enough to fill the car so we’ll go back later this weekend to finish the job and that will hopefully give us stocks that will be seasoned for the start of winter 2015.

We have also given some thought to how our stocks are organised. I think we’ve probably got enough storage designated now and the plan is to rotate it anti-clockwise round the garden. New stuff, like what we picked up this afternoon, goes in the back corner and we’ll draw from the shelves just outside the back door. As gaps open up there, we’ll shuffle wood round the system to fill in and this should give us a way of making sure that the most seasoned wood is what we select from for the final stash inside the house near the wood stove.

That’s the plan, anyway. We’ll see how this season goes and how far round today’s gathering makes it by next spring.

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