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Bottled Crab

My Golden Crab beer (Autumn Gold with an infusion of crab apple juice) is now bottled and labelled. The label was created using Inkscape and a free image of a crab.

Beer bottle label for Golden Crab beer

Golden Crab Label

Final gravity was 1.010 and the left overs tasted quite palatable. I managed ten 500ml bottles and carbonated with 30g granulated sugar dissolved in about 100ml boiling water. Now for the bit involving patience, to see how it turns out in the end.

While I was bottling, I also had a sample of my Oxxxford Beer. That, I think, can do with resting a bit longer; it is palatable but not yet quite into the realms of remarkable. On the other hand, the Autumn Gold brew this Golden Crab is based on has reached the point of being eminently enjoyable. Whether the crab apple flavour is identifiable in the mature product remains to be seen but I am hopeful of another good result.

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