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5th November is a date that is very easy to remember in a UK context. In 1605 there was an attempt to blow up Parliament and, having been thwarted and brutally repressed, the annual remembrance of the date has been deeply enshrined in the culture here. For the past few years, one of the things which comes to my mind when I remember, remember the fifth of November is the film V for Vendetta (and the graphic novel it was based on). I don’t have time this year but, if there was a movie to watch this day, that would be it for me.

That got me to thinking about what other day of the year have films that are strongly associated with them. Christmas Day and Christmas Eve certainly come up tops although nothing immediately comes to mind as a film set on Boxing Day. Born on the Fourth of July would fit in the middle of the year and Groundhog Day would be the obvious choice for 2 February. I’m fairly certain that many days of the year have no film strongly associated with them although I suspect that a film buff could probably find films that reference most of them even if only in passing, such as a date shown on a calender in the background. If you stretched to allowing filling in with films that represent a season (I’d plug Erin Brockovich for the height of summer, since hot, dry, dusty weather forms a backdrop to much of the movie) then I’m sure 365 days wouldn’t be enough to hold them all.

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