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52 Things About Ukulele

Time to reveal my new project: 52 Things About Ukulele. My intention is to publish a weekly post about the art of playing the ukulele. I’m trying out some new development ideas, such as exploring how to pre-generate the pages of the site using Python rather than creating them on the fly with a fully-featured CMS like WordPress. It should also help keep me developing as a uke player.

It will also be my first foray into running a niche blog. My Webden project will have been running for a decade this March and has always been intentionally generalist. I’ve managed to post almost daily at the Webden but, this year, I’ll cut down to 3-4 times a week and put some of that time-saving into more extensive weekly posts on the uke blog as well as developing the structure of the site.

You can see the first post, Does the World Need Another Ukulele Blog?, which I published this morning although I haven’t yet added a news feed to the site so you can’t subscribe just yet. However, I decided that it was better to unveil the work in progress and keep it in the neat bounds of the 2015 rather than to keep on polishing; with that approach, there is a danger that it is never ready or that the idea has gone stale before it reaches release.

So, if it is a bit quieter round here for a while, you know why but, if you listen hard, you might just hear the lilting sounds of a Hawaiian melody floating across the ether!

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