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Host with the Most

Tonight I got to play hostess with the mostess or, rather, host with the most, when The String Project (including the arts collective), family and friends came round. It was the first time I’ve hosted a band party since the days of Lovesjones (soul funk in South London), which must be about a decade ago but went pretty smoothly with just about enough house to accomodate my guests in reasonable comfort as long as some were circulating through to the kitchen to refresh their drinks.

We also got to watch a couple of rough-cut videos from our recent recording session. Smile more (and for me, don’t pull my trousers up so high round the waist if the top is tucked in) was the lesson to learn but it wasn’t too bad; watch for something on general release soon.

Anyway, time to retire for the night; the recycling is out for the binmen and the rest of the washing up can wait until tomorrow.

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