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Last Year’s Music

The top criteria on which I choose a music player remains “does it scrobble?”; will it note my listening habits on last.fm’s servers, building a relatively comprehensive repository of information about my listening habits? It doesn’t capture everything that runs past my ears but my profile is a pretty good starting point for you — or me — to answer the question of what music I’ve been hearing.

One of the features is the ability to see my own personal chart over the last week, month and more. Before 2015’s listening starts to influence the figures too strongly, let’s take a look back and see what is top of my pops.

In a strong lead is the duo of Steve Lawson and Daniel Berkman. They released several albums worth of material earlier this year from a series of house concerts they performed. This is music from far to the left of the mainstream and gloriously beautiful. It looks like Academia was the album I listened to the most.

At number two is ukulele maestro James Hill. I’ve made a lot of progress on uke this year but am still a long way off Mr Hill’s jaw dropping skills and rich musicality and it was wonderful to hear him live in concert back in March. Combine this entry with listens to his due album with Anne Davison and he would actually make the top slot; the mesh of these numbers isn’t fine enough to represent those kind of details.

Number three goes to Renaud Garcia-Fons (world music fusion led by his double bass) although closely tailed by long-term favourites, King’s X (melodic rock). I could go on but the pattern is clear; there is still strong evidence for my claim to have eclectic tastes and you probably haven’t heard of many of the musicians I listen to most. S0, not much change there!

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