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At work I use a laptop linked to a large external display. Typically I’ll use the laptop display for working on the screen and the external display for any virtual machines I’m running. However, sometimes I lose track of where the pointer has gone and even more so now that the desk configuration I’m trying since last weeks mini-relocation has the large screen above the laptop rather than to one side.

I did some searching and tracked down a couple of utilities, including a decent looking free one. However, what seems to be doing the trick is making the pointer a little bigger (under accessibility in the Mac system preferences tool). It doesn’t need to be significantly larger; a small notch up in size allows me to spot it much more easily. Sometimes all you need is a small tweak to move from an annoyance to something that works well; I thought I’d better make a note of it because I probably won’t even notice it a couple of weeks from now!

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