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Gone Fishing

Jane and I decided to go out for a meal last night, since she had a church related meeting straight after work and then I was going down to pick her up. Since it was near St Clement’s (the street as well as the church) we decided to take a punt on Fishers, a seafood restaurant that we’ve considered in the past but never got round to visiting.

I’d hesitate to give it a full thumbs up; the prices weren’t remarkably low nor the portions notably large nor the menu selection particularly wide or novel. However, it was well-cooked and presented and the setting of the restaurant was gently nautical without being over the top. They could perhaps have done with an extra member of staff as business picked up mid-evening; it took a while to get the bill but the two waitresses were constantly busy while maintaining a friendly demeanour.

I’d go again although not immediately; for a city about as far as you can get from the sea in the UK, it was a decent place to eat some fish.

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