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‘sno problem

I was rather worried last night when I came out of a housegroup meeting to find snow falling and settling on the ground. By the time I got home, it was thicker still and I had some doubts about whether my planned trip to London today could go ahead.

I made an early start and checked travel details online; no problems indicated so I decided to go ahead. I’m glad I did as there were no particular delays once I’d brushed the snow off the car for the first leg and the coach to London was running smoothly. The conference I attended was a worthwhile event and, by the afternoon, the snow had all but disappeared.

So, we’ve had a dose of proper snow in Oxford; now the question is whether we’ll get more this year.

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  1. You’d think a plentiful supply of snow here in the Midwest would ensure some semblance of accommodation to the road conditions by the locals. Unfortunately, reality proves otherwise. You’ve done well, Wulf! Keep safe in the wintry conditions 🙂