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Gravity Bottled

I made an early start this morning and now have 12 bottles of my Mild Gravity brew ready to sit and season for a few weeks. Like the previous brew, it spent quite a long time in the fermenting process mainly on the grounds that I ended up being too busy to attend to it earlier. I’m in two minds about this. A lot of the literature says two weeks or more is fine or even to be desired but the previous batch I did this with (Slow Flowers) still hasn’t developed as much carbonation as I’d expect and, although it tastes decent now, I don’t think it is quite as good as the batches of the same recipe I did last year. For my next brew, perhaps I’ll stick with the temperature controlled approach but try and return to a shorter fermentation to see what the effect is.

The beer went into the fermentor at about 1.045 and came out at 1.006 so that should be roughly 5.1% ABV or reasonably strong. This should give it better keeping properties but also means more inebriating effect. Anyway, it now needs to sit and rest for a bit and I can turn my attention to thinking about what to try next.

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