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Week of Crime: Leif Persson

Don’t worry – I’m not planning heist or embarking on some madcap spree. However, since read a lot of crime fiction, I thought I would take a few days to note various authors I have come across in the last year.

My first choice is yet another Swedish crime writer, Leif G W Persson. I recently read He Who Kills the Dragon which features Evert Bäckström as it’s protagonist. I hesitate to say hero because he really doesn’t qualify outside of his own imagination. Surly, greedy and lazy he gets results but mainly by dropping hints that he has a plan and then waiting for his colleagues to find something that brings it into being.

I prefer my heroes to have at least a few admirable qualities but I did enjoy the writing style; most characters say one thing only to have the author undermine it by revealing their inner thoughts. I suppose it is a dark comedy and I’m not sure I will rush to dig out another Bäckström story but I would be intrigued to ready something else by Persson and see which aspects carry into his other works.

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